Labor Day

My eldest son, Alastair, had the misfortune of being born on Labor Day weekend and while it’s not a Christmas birthday, it usually means that many of his friends aren’t able to attend his party due to previous engagements. This year we decided to have his party at the pavilion at the beach on Alpine Lake and we had a fantastic turnout. It was the perfect celebration to mark his birthday and the end of summer. The water was warm and the sun was shining despite predictions for rain. It’s so nice to have a variety of facilities that can accommodate a large gathering right here at our Alpine home.

We also hosted guests from Annapolis over the weekend. Erik and Melissa are friends we met in Morgantown and even though they’ve moved, we keep in touch. Our kids are the same age and Alastair and their daughter, Cora, have been best friends since they were just six months old. He misses seeing her often but it’s been wonderful teaching him ways to maintain a close friendship despite distance. They send one another notes, drawings, emoji texts and gifts when they are apart as well as some FaceTime conversations. Watching these kids grow is one of the greatest joys of my life. They share such sweet, tender moments, one would think they were siblings.

Erik and Melissa were also relieved to be missing the heatwave engulfing the D.C area and Southern Maryland. Though it was warm for Alpine (80 degrees) the humidity was low and the breezes coming over the lake were so refreshing. Sitting on the deck, sipping Margaritas, and talking about our love of antiques was such a treat.

While they were here we enjoyed the beach, and taking them to some of our wonderful, local restaurants like The Manor Steakhouse located in Oakland, MD in a beautiful, historic home. In addition delectable dinners, they serve a divine brunch on the weekends. My favorite order is the Crab Cakes Benedict and a Bloody Mary, though the Ricotta Pancakes and Mimosas aren’t half bad either.

Did I mention that the Andersons’ youngest son, Finn and my youngest, Atticus are only a few months apart in age? I love these littles so dearly.

It looks like we have a new tradition for Labor Day weekend!

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