O Tannenbaum

Who loves getting fresh-cut trees for Christmas? Last year at Alpine Lake was the first time in my adult life that. I’ve had a live tree and it was absolutely amazing! It smelled divine and it was prefect in every way. This year we set out for Mountain Top Tree Farm again to find the perfect tree but found them closed when we arrived. I remembered going to Woodlake Tree Farm in the fall of 2017 during the Autumn Glory Festival so we decided to give them a try. The Farm was decorated beautifully!

Alastair and Atticus were in awe of the lights and beauty and we had a marvelous (and cold!) time searching for “the one”.

Atticus enjoyed snacking on snow and then “driving” Daddy’s truck around the farm.

I wrapped the tree in lights and a Royal Stewart patterned ribbon that evening so we could decorate it the following day. Have you ever noticed how children decorate trees? There is no such thing as scattering the ornaments and keeping the tree balanced. My kids tend to sort all the like ornaments together and load down the lower branches until they nearly touch the floor. i may have gone back and done a bit of redecorating once they finished.


Ever since we bought our home at Alpine Lake, we’ve been spending holidays here. It’s a homecoming of sorts since I actually grew up here in Preston County. Sometimes life finds a way to lead us home, doesn’t it?

My parents and brother came up to celebrate with us and feast on another one of Arthur’s perfect Turkeys. I joked that I planned on having enough mashed potatoes and gravy leftovers that I could take my kayak through them; I fell short but there’s always next year. There was still a dusting of snow on the ground and deer and turkeys roamed the woods behind our house all afternoon.

We enjoyed an amazing sunset over pumpkin desserts and my mother’s peanut butter cookies that went from cool violets to warm, golden pinks in a matter of minutes. Then we lit the Christmas lights outside ad the kids dragged my parents up to the loft in our house where Arthur has put a Hogwarts Express train. They are both obsessed! Atticus’s little boy struggles up the ladder so eagerly while he chants, “Train! Train!”, over and over again.

Arthur and I topped off our night by watching National Lampoons Christmas. We had such an amazing day! Happy Thanksgiving!

Autumn’s End

It’s been an unusual fall this year; the leaves have clung to the trees far longer than any autumn in my memory.

There was a huge difference in the landscape this past weekend. What a difference a week makes!

Luckily, we haven’t had much snow so far; it’s the last thing you want with leaves still clinging because it’s a recipe for downed trees and power lines. There have been flurries here and there and then a light dusting on October 21st.

It was a perfect morning. My 19 month old, Atticus, was mesmerized by the snow and kept trying to snack on it. When Alastair, my five-year-old, saw the snow outside at 6AM, his first question was, “Do I have to go to school today?” He cracks me up!

There’s just nothing like a peaceful morning walk in the first snow of the year. It’s a quiet unlike any other. I’m really looking forward to some evenings by the fire, watching the snow fall. Our chalet sits up so high that sometimes the snow blows up to us rather than simply falling.

As I was walking up Alpine Drive, I saw a flock of geese migrating and honking happily along. The season is changing!

I may have played some Christmas music and put up a few decorations while the snow had me in the mood. I couldn’t help it! Besides, I have two homes to decorate so I figured I might as well get ahead so we can enjoy them as soon as the real winter weather begins. Last Sunday was sunny and warm so I also put up the outdoor lights. I can’t wait to fire them up on Thanksgiving!!!

I’m still mourning the loss of summer and evening swims in the lake with my family, but Mother Nature has a way of making up for chill in the air with some truly incredible sunsets. Once the rest of those pesky leaves fall, I’ll have a better view of Alpine Lake and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Ski season is coming and there’s just so much to look forward to in the coming winter months.

In the meantime, there will be incredible, sunny days and warm spots galore. Here’s Alpine Lake the day after the snow. Isn’t it beautiful?

Stay tuned for my Thanksgiving Post where I’ll share our newfound tradition of hosting our family Thanksgiving dinner at Alpine Lake!