Coming home

As many of you know, one of our biggest motivations when buying our house at Alpine was that we wanted a place that our boys would always think of as “home”; a physical place that embodied all the feelings and senses that one’s home can evoke. For me, my grandparents’ farm was always the place I most closely associated with the word and concept of home. It’s where family from out-of-state would convene, where reunions were held, and where lighting bugs were caught at dusk on damp summer nights and placed in mason jars to use as night lights for sleepovers with cousins. It was a place of happy gathering, where we regularly took leisure.

For our family now, Alpine is becoming a home with an atmosphere and tone hardly short of magical. It’s where we bring those we love most, family and friends, to unwind and connect with one another. It’s nature walks, “bear hunting”, lazy beach days and kayaking. It’s birthdays, bunk-bed sleepovers, board games, dinners crowded around the table, libations, and toasting s’mores in the fireplace at the first signs of fall. It’s a white Christmas, the smell of evergreens, putting up soooo many Christmas lights, and the anticipation I feel before a promised snow storm strikes so we can all go sledding.

Our Alpine home is a place where our boys will never outgrow bringing their friends, and one day, if they have them, our grandchildren. In the future, we’ll say goodbye to our residence in Morgantown and move into our “home” and this amazing community of people for good. In the meantime, I’ll be expanding my real estate sales market to Alpine Lake.

Does this resonate with you? Are you yearning to create a place for yourself or your family to connect? As a real estate professional, dreamer, and adventurer, I’d be honored to help you start your journey “home”.

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