The air is cooling and autumn is signaling her return. Fall has historically been my favorite of the four seasons, but this year, it’s regrettable so see such a fantastic summer come to an end. The summer of 2018 has been the most enjoyable of my life.

The humidity has remained low and it’s been cool enough to take the stroller or bikes out nearly every day. In addition to the absence of oppressive heat here in the mountains, the streets at alpine are mercifully shaded by the densely wooded lots. We’ve spent countless hours swimming in the lake, jumping off the dock and building sandcastles and volcanos on the beach. It’s amazing how much we have been able to kayak and paddle boards since we are able to leave our watercraft at the boathouse and no longer need to haul them to a body of water. It’s been a summer spent outdoors and so very memorable.

We hosted one last set of friends this past weekend before the lake becomes too chilly for swimming. Paul and Claire were clients last year when I sold their home in Morgantown and helped find a new one. Clients often have a way of becoming friends along the way and they’re no exception.

Their daughter is particularly delightful and I always say that I plan on being her when I grow up. My boys adore both of their children and the kids played together marvelously the entire time. I love being able to take mini-vacations with friends in the same season of life and I think it’s important that we show our children what sharing and hospitality look like.

I enjoyed them all so much, that I didn’t take nearly enough photos. After they left, my eldest son told me he wanted them to “stay forever”. I can’t wait or them to return or sledding this winter, if not sooner.

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