This past Saturday, Alpine Lake hosted its annual Oktoberfest celebration. What a production! The organizers, Birgit and Bernie Stock are heavily involved in so many committees and activities that make Alpine Lake an amazing and active place to live. Fun fact: Birgit is from Bavaria and now lives in the Bavarian section of Alpine Lake!

All of the food served at the festival is prepared by a mighty team of volunteers who begin cooking days ahead of time. I went to the boathouse on Friday to help peel potatoes and had a marvelous time with my neighbors. A group of around 15 of us peeled and diced for three and a half hours and it really put the spirit of volunteerism at Alpine Lake in perspective for me. The residents really are like family to one another, with easy familiarity and upbeat, humorous attitudes.

There were contests for best costume and a stein-holding competition, carriage rides, and fantastic, local Oompa band. My kids had a blast and are already looking forward to going again next year. And believe it or not, I’m very much looking forward to joining the Potato Chain Gang again in 2019.

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