A New Pace

Happy Sunday! This morning we’re feasting on quiche and coffee.

That’s not unusual for us; I normally make a quiche on Saturday nights while I write contracts and negotiate offers after a full day of home showings. It’s a quick and easy breakfast to pull from the refrigerator before I leave for work again Sunday morning.cd7f6af0-b66a-48d0-852a-a4a7b840e10f-1

Normally, I have showings on Sundays and even if I don’t, I still get up early and do my hair and makeup as if I’m about to go to work. Visitors to Alpine Lake often wake up Sunday morning, dreading leaving the beauty and tranquility of this place and returning to the hustle and bustle of their normal lives. It’s about this time they realize that they want to own a home at Alpine Lake Resort so they can enjoy a vacation every weekend  My phone starts ringing by 8AM and it’s off the the races.

Instead of meeting clients this morning and telling them about all the joys of life at the lake that only a resident could know, I’m snuggling on the sofa with my loves. It’s wonderful and I’m going to miss this time with them. BUT, when the resort reopens and YOU wake up on Sunday morning to the realization that Alpine Lake is the home you didn’t know you needed, CALL ME!!! I can’t wait to dash out the door to help you find your happy place!img_9986

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